In this page i'll allow mysef to speak more off the cuff about myself.

First of all, this is me:

No touch ups, no filters, no nothing. Each and every blemish and wrinkle displayed. if we're ever to meet, you might as well meet the real me. well on that last part I cheated, that's a photo I had taken for a passport renewal, and i don't know if they did any fancy editing, though since they took about 10 mins from snapping the photo to me going out the door with my set of pics who knows. Anyway i say i cheated because sometimes I like to let my hair down, though while at the hospital i do have my hair slicked back, so come to think of it i spend more time this way than any other way. Put a white coat, white dress shirt, red tie and a facemask on and there you have it. So many words spent on not much at all, eh?